Our preschool offers children ages 3 & 4 the opportunity to begin to get use to school settings during a 2 1/2 hour time block either two or three days a week.

Preschool is meant for a child to grow socially and academically in a structured setting. It prepares your children for kindergarten and promotes social and emotional growth.

Our staff are all ECE trained and try to follow a regular schedule so that your children know what to expect on a daily basis.


Please dress your child in comfortable play clothes.

It is important that he/she feels comfortable to engage in messy activity without being concerned about his/her clothing.

The children will be playing outdoors daily, as weather permits. Please dress your child according to weather conditions. If your child is wearing rain boots, send along a pair of shoes to wear inside preschool.


Please label all belongings.This is a must to return articles to their rightful owner.

Please leave toys, books, candy or other treats at home.


Children enrolled in preschool are required to be partially toilet trained (in pull ups). We understand that accidents happen, so please send a spare change of clothes in your child's backpack.


Please send a nutritious snack and water bottle with your child to preschool each day.

During preschool year we teach the children about good nutrition and healthy dental habits. Snacks which cause tooth decay such as gum, cake, fruit roll ups, and candy are not recommended

Parent Board

Please check the parent board in the hallway for daily/monthly information.

Field Trips

Occasionally the children will be going on field trips to visit areas of interest in the community. These field trips are always an exciting adventure for young children. Some possibilities are: trips to the library, skating rink, fire hall, etc. You will be notified in advance of these trips in the monthly newsletters and on the parent board.

You will be required to sign a parent permission form for each trip in order to have your child participate. If you are available to assist the staff on field trip days we would be happy to have you along.

Monthly Newsletters

To keep you updated and informed, we will provide you with a monthly newsletter. At the back of the newsletter, we will include a calendar that will give you an opportunity to see, at a glance, any special days that are coming up as well as themes for each week.

Parent Extras


The preschool closes on all statutory holidays: Christmas break (2weeks), spring break (2 weeks), and for the summer (July and August). We will also close for 2 professional days, 1 in October and 1 in February to coincide with the public schol system.

Ways Parents Can be Involved

Throughout the year, we will be posting "treats needed" notices on the parent board. These notices will be posted for special occasions (i.e. Pumpkin Party, Valentines Party, etc) and we hope that each of you will have an opportunity to sign up.

Another way parents can be involved is by sharing their occupation, a special craft idea, or being a special helper for the day. Children enjoy bringing their parents to school.

Birthdays can be a special time for all children. So we will celebrate birthdays once a month at preschool. You are more than welcome to supply a special treat for your child's class on our celebration day, just let the staff know in advance.

The Registration fee is NOT Refundable

Failure to pay fees will result in withdrawal of your child. If there is any hardship, please contact the program director.

Without prejudice, a child may have to be withdrawn from the preschool. withdrawal will take place if the health and safety of the children is at jeopardy. If the child is not toilet trained, or he/she is not physically, emotionally, or developmentally ready for preschool withdrawal may occur. Withdrawal is at the discretion of the director.

No notice is required from the preschool for withdrawal and all tuition fee payments will be stopped with a refund when necessary.

Upon registration parents will be given a full copy of our parent handbook.